Us and our Art

Our history

Love for Porcelain.

In Usmate, in the heart of Brianza, a geographical area with a long tradition of porcelain production, knight Franco Perego founded Tiche Porcellane d’Arte in May 1962. Driven by a passion for porcelain, Franco Perego faced numberless challenges before learning to successfully handle the subtle alchemy that goesinto an artistic creation and its implementation.

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Our Passion

An old artistic tradition.

Tiche, the faithful guardian of an old artistic tradition that hands down skill, secrets and knowledge from generation to generation, is today one ofthe very few companies that can produce, in a kiln a a temperature of 1400 C, hard porcelain with which to make inimitable objects of exceptional candour sometimes so thin and translucid as to create really fascinating transparent effects.

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Our "Production"

Production technique.

Kaolin (from Kao-ling - high mountain, a region in China near King - tên - chên) is an infusible, pure white aluminium hydrosilicate which, when mixed with fusible feldspathic petuntse (white quartz - pottery stone) and subjected to a temperature of 1300 - 1400°C, forms a white nonporous, translucent, vitrified material known as porcelain.

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